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“I was completely caught up in the conflicts and nuances depicted in DISPATCH. That the film transports us so convincingly into the world of a Hollywood limousine dispatch office, and in the process turns that location into a unique central character, is a testament to the power and simple honesty evoked by this quiet but effective movie.”

     - Julian Krainin, Oscar® & Emmy winning filmmaker (“Quiz Show”)

“I had the pleasure of attending a preview screening of Steven Sprung’s first full length feature film, DISPATCH, and I will never experience my limo drivers in quite the same way again. Sprung, an accomplished film editor, has brilliantly directed and co-written a gritty, dramatic and compelling view of a corner of our universe that most people never see; the high wire act of the men and women who invisibly keep the golden treadmill of our business moving. I was riveted and entertained and truly impressed.”

        -Alan Menken, Oscar® winning composer ("The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin")

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Coming to DVD on December 20th!
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